There’s nothing quite like a fresh, warm, delightfully light, but satiating appetizer. This is a dish I mastered one day with my mom. My mom said, “how about we add some onions?” I said, “Mom, this is bruschetta, not salsa!”


Bruschetta: Diced tomatoes (I keep all parts of the tomatoes, no wastage here), an olive oil drizzle, finely chopped garlic, pepper, salt, oregano/basil, and chopped coriander. Mix and let it sit for a few minutes for all the flavors to amalgamate with the juices.


While originally parsley is used, we don’t usually stock parsley in our kitchen. But trust me, coriander will not disappoint!

Then toast, until slightly crispy, thick slices of some Italian or French baguette. Put some of your favorite cheese on the warm bread and heat if necessary to melt the cheesy goodness into the crevices of the bread.


Top your bread with the bruschetta and eat while still warm!


The juicy, flavorful tomatoes take on the flavors of garlic and coriander so well. Every bite makes you want another.


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